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31 Jul 2012

A Roadmap for a New Millenium

In Healing the Sacred Divide: Making Peace with Ourselves, Each Other, and the World, Dr. Jean Raffa has provided us with a roadmap for human development for the next millennium.  Her crystal clear language has distilled a century of psychological thought into a highly readable primer for the average man or woman.  Her book is both an indictment of modern religion, as it is practiced by many, and a pointer toward its promise for the future.   

What does it take to find solace, satisfaction, and enlightenment in religion?  Fundamentalist religions have used wars and mayhem to widen the gaping hole in our collective psyche.  Only by understanding their original calling to wholeness will we fully appreciate their real value to modern society.  Dr. Raffa has set a challenge for modern religions of every stripe to “create a new paradigm for humanity” from the Sacred Marriage.  

We are raised on pairs of opposites.  If we are one thing, we reject the other, but Dr. Raffa points out to us that having loving relationships with otherness is one of three measures of spiritual maturity.  She teaches whatever the Great Mystery of God may be, it also lies within us, and we must find “new ways to imagine and experience God that are consistent with our evolving consciousness.”  Failure to do so will ultimately mean that modern religions will “wither away under the weight of their own irrelevancy.”   

Dr. Raffa has infused her insights with compelling stories of her own experiences with the divine.  These are embellished by beautiful descriptions of her dreams and other inner work, each of which elucidates another compelling point of her story.  Each major section ends with valuable suggestions on how the individual can navigate their own inner journey of spiritual discovery.  She has enlivened her work with light and carefree imagined interactions and conversations between God and Goddess, which are fresh, sometimes amusing, and always profound in their import.  

In a society of people who have read Healing the Sacred Divide, we will have fewer divorces, less crime and mayhem, and a better capacity for living in our shrinking world.  

Dr. Jean Raffa is an author, speaker, and leader of workshops, dream groups, and study groups. She maintains a blog called "Matrignosis: A Blog About Inner Wisdom." Her job history includes teacher, television producer, college professor, and instructor at the Disney Institute in Orlando and The Jung Center in Winter Park, FL. She is the author of three books, a workbook, a chapter in a college text, numerous articles in professional journals, and a series of meditations and short stories for Augsburg Fortress Publisher.

Her book The Bridge to Wholeness: A Feminine Alternative to the Hero Myth (LuraMedia, 1992) was nominated for the Benjamin Franklin Award for best psychology book of 1992.

Reviewed in several journals and featured on the reading lists of university courses, it was also picked by the Isabella catalogue as a must-read for seeking women. Dream Theatres of the Soul: Empowering the Feminine Through Jungian Dreamwork (Innisfree Press, Inc., 1994) has been used in dreamwork courses throughout the country and is included in’s list of the Top 100 Best Selling Dream Books, and TCM’s book list of Human Resources for Organizational Development.

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